False teeth for Christmas? The weirdest charity shop donations this festive season


Barnardo's have unveiled a list of the strangest donations they have received this Christmas – and one of these was a set of false teeth. 

A lamb castrating tool and a scorpion in formaldehyde were among the other items handed over for the holidays. 

Staff also received a slice of pizza and a baby's umbilical cord. 

The odd items were taken in by stories across Scotland, Wales, Kent, Yorkshire and Suffolk.

Shop workers in Rotherham were handed a pot containing nine human molars.

Other donations include:

  • A pelvic floor exerciser (Bury St Edmunds)
  • Used pregnancy test kit (Glasgow)
  • A packet of Viagra tablets (Rotherham)
  • Suppositories (Rotherham)
  • A bottom wiping tool (Gravesend)
  • A urethral catheter and urine bottle (Lincoln)
  • A haemorrhoid cushion (Wolverhampton)
  • A used toilet brush (Colwyn Bay). 

The proceeds from the sale of donated, unused Christmas gifts are a key source of income for the charity’s work that supports vulnerable children across the UK. 

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