Exilis skin tightening & fat reduction


 Exilis offers a non-invasive form of treatment for the reduction of wrinkles and for the reshaping of targeted fat deposits. It also complements pre and post treatment for people undergoing liposuction.

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What is Exilis?

Exilis is a treatment that aims to reshape and reduce fat deposits, tighten sagging skin and reduce wrinkles by using deep heat to strengthen the collagen network under the skin and shrink fat cells.

What’s involved in Exilis treatment?  

Exilis treatments last for 30-90 minutes. The computer controlled Exilis device will be guided over the skin of the treatment area, delivering deep heat and monitoring temperature so that you remain comfortable. You will feel a sensation of warmth but shouldn’t experience any pain.

What are the risks of Exilis treatment?

There is a minimal risk of burning but this would only be due to a malfunction, as skin temperature is constantly monitored.

How long will it take me to recover from Exilis treatment?

There is no recovery period after Exilis treatment as there should be no unpleasant side effects. Your skin may be a little pink and warm for a short time, and it’s recommended that you ensure you’re well hydrated and mobile after treatment to encourage metabolism and achieve the best results.

How much will Exilis treatment cost?

Prices for Exilis treatment vary widely depending on the clinic and treatment area, with fees from £150 to £2000. You can expect skin tightening on a small area of face to be at the cheaper end of the scale, with prices for a course of 4 full face treatments at around £800 - £1200. Treatment on large areas like the legs is likely to be over £1400.

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