Do banana peels actually help to whiten teeth?


Another teeth whitening rumour has hit the headlines – and this time it is that banana peels add glow to our teeth. 

But is this true?

The trend involves rubbing the inside skin of a banana peel across the tooth's surface as a quick-fix for discoloured teeth.

Users on platforms such as Tiktok suggest the high potassium and magnesium levels are taken in by the tooth if applied on its surface for long enough. 

Efficient when eaten

However dentists have warned against the rumoured hack. In fact, there are no scientific studies out there that even suggest banana peels can take on a whitening role. 

Of course, bananas do provide nutrition. One serving contains three grams of fibre and 450mg of potassium, for example. 

One dentist, Claudia Cotca, explained to New Beauty that the fruit is most efficient when eaten.

She says that while potassium has been shown to 'strengthen teeth', the natural banana is best used as part of a healthy diet. 

Turn to a professional

A better option, she says, is to put in place a thorough oral health routine. This might involve brushing your teeth around half an hour after consuming food or a sugary drink.

Professional teeth whitening is another option that would provide reliable, effective and safe results.

This typically removes stains and can award you with a whiter smile within days. 

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