Dental treatments have 'become the new boob job' in 2021


Dental procedures have ‘become the new boob job’ as the pandemic sees sales soar for at-home oral healthcare.

This dramatic spike has been driven by the rise of Zoom and other video-calling platforms, according to a Guardian article.

An impressive 33% increase in oral care sales was seen in 2020 by Cassandra Grey, the face behind website Violet Grey. 

The jump in interest, she says, means that in 2021 ‘teeth have become the new boob job’.

Growing interest in oral care

But that's not all. The launch of Co.Colgate in the US also reflects the growing interest in oral  healthcare. 

The product range – kicked off by Colgate-Palmolive  – aims at revolutionising ‘the simple act of brushing your teeth into a ritual for feeling good’.

Launching in March, it includes products such as a teeth whitening kit, whitening wand, toothpaste, toothpaste tabs and mouthwash. 

'Zoom boom'

Indeed, many dentists within the UK have reported a spike in interest when it comes to aesthetic dental treatments.

Alongside a boom in platforms such as Zoom – meaning people are spending more time assessing their appearance – social media also has a part to play when it comes to oral health.

Tiktok, for example, has seen an influx of dental professionals looking to educate the public on proper oral healthcare and safe cosmetic treatments. 

Dr Shaadi Manoucheri saw one of her clips go viral at the end of 2020 after she warned patients not to travel abroad for veneers. 

A number of users had documented their journeys abroad and revealed images of their teeth being shaved down to pegs before treatment. 

But Dr Manoucheri warned people of the dangers, adding that such a procedure can result in nerve damage and, eventually, tooth extraction.

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