Dave Grohl – musician used to practice drumming with his teeth


Dave Grohl has revealed how he was told off by his dentist for practising drumming with his teeth. 

The musician – who was the drummer for Nirvana – explained how he was kicked out of a practice after demonstrating the trick.

Taking place in his younger years, the 52-year-old said he had to learn rhythms in his mouth by clicking his teeth together as he could not afford a drum kit. He combined this with using the pillows on his bed as stand-in cymbals. 

Dental deterioration

'The funny thing was I started doing it as a kid and when I was at the dentist, he looked and my teeth and asked if I chew a lot of ice,' the Foo Fighters frontman said. 

'I said: "I don't think so, why?" and he said: "Because your teeth have an unusual amount of deterioration."

'I said: "Oh wait! I can play drums with my teeth." I made him put his ear close to my mouth and then he kicked me out.'

The full clip of the interview can be read here.

What is bruxism?

However teeth clicking and grindingis often a lot less deliberate. 

Also known as bruxism, the condition is associated with anxiety and stress and can wear your teeth down over time. 

Although some people may not experience any symptoms, others may suffer from headaches, jaw ache and notice changes in the surface of the teeth. 

Sleep bruxism, as the name suggests, takes place unconsciously when the person is sleeping.  

According to the Sleep Foundation, three fifths of people make occasional chewing-like motions. These are known as rhythmic masticatory muscle activities (RMMA). However in those with sleep bruxism, these movements occur with greater frequency and force.

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