Cycling’s Olympic golden couple are on the right track for perfect wedding smiles with Invisalign


Cycling’s king and queen Jason Kenny and Laura Trott made it a night to remember for Team GB last night as he matched Chris Hoy’s six gold Olympic medal record and she became the first British woman to win four golds.

Kenny survived a disqualification scare to go on to win the gold in the keirin and Trott entered unchartered territory as she clocked up her fourth gold in the omnium at Rio 2016.

Following two restarts because of infringements, Trott, 24, cried with relief and joy as fiancee Kenny won, before the couple embraced and kissed as the crowd cheered.

Kenny told the BBC: ‘Today just felt like a dream. I'm just kind of so tired I'm just floating through it.’

Now the couple are looking forward to their wedding next month and are said to be ‘excited to get home, walk their dogs and get married’.


Indeed, Team GB’s golden couple have been preparing their smiles for their nuptials by having their teeth straightened discreetly with Invisalign braces — and Rio 2016 may just have been the kind of occasion they had in mind when they were motivated to have the cosmetic treatment.

Laura embarked on her treatment when she became conscious of her misaligned smile in TV close ups and photographs of her on the winner’s podium.

Aware her growing fame and the rise of social media would make her face ever more familiar, she looked for a treatment to straighten her teeth which was so discreet hardly anyone would notice and, more importantly, which would not impact on her racing, and came up with a viable solution in Invisalign.

Laura commented: ‘You can see my teeth in all the photos taken of me, especially the close ups where I am biting my medals! So I am having Invisalign treatment because I am in the public eye and wanted to be able to smile with more confidence.’

Jason Kenny joined her in having the discreet, almost invisible teeth-straightening treatment, too.

It was essential for both that any treatment they undertook did not impact on their busy racing and training schedules.

The couple chose to undergo orthodontic treatment because they wanted to be able to smile with more confidence on the winners’ podium, and no doubt those smiles will be wider than ever on their wedding day!

Invisalign is a contemporary tooth straightening system, which works by repositioning teeth discretely, little by little, using a series of removable ‘aligners’ which are made from clear plastic rendering them virtually invisible. These are custom made to move each individuals’ teeth and are changed every two weeks to encourage them to move towards their desired position.

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