Courts crackdown on illegal teeth whitening


A bogus teeth whitener was fined a four-figure sum after being found guilty of practising illegally.

Jordan Longbottom, who worked in Salford Quays in Manchester, was found guilty under the Dentists Act 1984 on Wednesday, December 21.

Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court heard that the General Dental Council (GDC) had warned Longbottom to cease whitening teeth after discovering he was not qualified to do so.

However, Longbottom continued practising illegally – despite the GDC contacting him in February and March 2015.

By August, the GDC was forced to take action.

He was handed a £3,000 fine and an 18-month conditional discharge by the courts as a result of his malpractice.

Victoria Sheppard-Jones, interim head of illegal practice at the GDC, said the successful prosecution shows that the GDC will not tolerate unregistered or untrained individuals offering dentistry illegally.

She added that Longbottom ‘knew what he was doing was wrong’ –and encouraged patients to check the GDC register before opting for teeth whitening.

Longbottom is not the only person to breach dentistry laws lately – a woman from London was found guilty of offering illegal teeth whitening and posing as a dental nursing.

The courts heard that Amy Laws had been charging members of the public for treatments while claiming to be a dental nurse.

She had previously been a registered dental nurse but was removed from the register seven years ago.

Laws was slapped a £365 fine at Bromley Magistrates’ Court and handed a two-year conditional discharge after pleading guilty to three counts.

Ms Sheppard-Jones reminded patients that opting for an unregistered individual could have severe health and financial implications.

Actress Danniella Westbrook was sacked from her teeth whitening job allegedly down to ‘hygiene’ issues.

It is important to take note that only a registered dental professional can whiten your teeth – and even that is restricted to certain job titles.

The GDC cites checking a person is a registered professional – which can be done on its website – as one of its main patient priorities.
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