Could Radio Frequency Body Treatment breakdown cellulite and stubborn fat pockets?


What is Radio Frequency Body Treatment?

Radio Frequency Body Treatments such as Radiage, Pellefirm and Pelleve are skin rejuvenation and toning treatments that use radiofrequency to heat the deeper layers of the skin. This stimulates the production of new collagen (the substance which gives skin its firmness and tone) and the contraction of existing collagen fibres to tighten the skin. Radio Frequency treatment can be used on several areas of the body, including the face, neck, backs of the hands, upper arms, stomach and buttocks, but many devices are specially designed to suit specific areas. Some devices also have a cooling feature or an accompanying gel to reduce the temperature of the skin’s surface and make the treatment more comfortable.


What is involved in a Radio Frequency Body Treatment?

A Radio Frequency body treatment lasts for around 30-120 minutes and is sometimes performed under a local anaesthetic depending on the device and technique used and the area to be treated. Treatment may begin with the application of a gel to help the device glide easily over the skin while keeping it cool. Then the Radio Frequency device or wand is moved over the treatment area, emitting the radiofrequency needed to heat the collagen bonds in the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat layer.

How much pain and discomfort you experience during a Radio Frequency body treatment will again depend of the exact treatment you’re having, but the range is from minimal discomfort to mild/moderate pain. You will see limited results immediately but maximum results will not appear for a while. Some Radio Frequency treatments are effective in just one session, while for others you will need further sessions to get the best effects.


What are the risks of Radio Frequency Body Treatment?

As with all heat treatments, Radio Frequency Body Treatment carries a risk of burns or blistering if used incorrectly, but generally it is considered a safe ‘walk in, walk out’ treatment.

How long will it take me to recover from Radio Frequency Body Treatment?

After Radio Frequency Body treatment, your skin will be red and swollen for around 24-48 hours and may feel a little tender. For many people these side effects are slight and they resume their normal activities straight after treatment. If you are suffering discomfort you may wish to rest at home for the rest of the day after your Radio Frequency treatment.

Maximum results of Radio Frequency Body Treatment are achieved around 2-6 months after treatment and last for 6-18 months, depending on the device and technique used.

What is the cost of Radio Frequency Body Treatment?

Prices for Radio Frequency treatment range from £50 to £700 per session, depending on the device and technique used.

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