Cosmetic and health — what you need to know


Smile makeover expert Dr Mani Bhardwaj on why striking a balance is key to any successful aesthetic dental treatment


The greatest challenge for patients seeking cosmetic dental treatments is

striking the perfect balance between health and cosmetic outcomes. Good communication is one of the fundamental factors for successful treatment. If this is not perfected on the first visit, then a clinician will never achieve the best aesthetic outcome for you.


My number one piece of advice for anyone seeking some form of cosmetic dentistry is to make sure that, whatever the treatment, the clinician never ignores the fundamental health needs. As well as using to research treatments and clinicians, have several consultations with several cosmetic dentists and take your time to read up on procedures before you settle on the one that suits you best.


I founded The Smile Studios, where my team and I maintain and develop our high standards of dental services. Having opened my own practice, it grew into the dental group it is today. If I had my time again, I would have planned it differently and probably would have opened more clinics by now. That said, I do plan to open more clinics and also develop my other businesses PassDental and PassMedical Training Institutes.


My specialist interests are cosmetics and dental implants. However, I  thoroughly enjoy general dentistry as well. My gentle, yet preventive, approach to dentistry helps my patients achieve great smile with minimally invasive techniques so their teeth can last a lifetime with no worries.


I lecture at national and international events. My studies have also been published in international journals and, more recently, I’ve been lecturing at national universities and for the British Dental Association in affiliation with my role as the Philips’ Sonicare Ambassador.


I knew dentistry was the right choice for me. Over the years, I’ve learnt that it is important to always do the best you can — not just for yourself, but for patients, too; work hard but play harder. My career in dentistry was sparked by an initial passion for science and human biology. Having researched the job role and the advantages, it was the perfect fit with my passion.


My motivation comes from my surroundings; family, community, friends.

I have always been a driving person in any task I take on and to be motivated in my lifelong careers will have no second place. Having siblings in different fields also helped me to push my limits too as did they — my brother is a music producer and artist and my sister a forensic expert.


I relax by travelling around the world and with boxing, which I have been doing for many years at Heathrow Boxing Club. Having my wife in my corner also helps and this allows me to break away from worklife, otherwise I would work all hours!

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  • Dr Mani Bhardwaj is clinical director of The Smile Studios. He can be found on Twitter @manismilestudio.

For more info visit Mani at The Smile Studios


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