Considering Birthmark removal? 5 FAQ's


Birthmarks, or nevi, are markings on the skin which are present at birth or appear shortly thereafter.

They can be often be discreet and fade over time without treatment, however some birthmarks are permanent and unsightly, creating cosmetic concerns for those affected. Some birthmarks may even serve as indicators of underlying health issues.

Can birthmarks be removed through laser treatment?

Laser treatment can remove most, if not all visible effects of birthmarks, port-wine stains, moles and pigmentations. For those with birthmarks in unsightly areas, this can increase patient's self-esteem once these have been reduced.

Is birthmark removal safe?

Based on current medical research, laser treatment has been deemed as simple and safe. The use of most advanced lasers can reduce the colour and intensity of a birthmark as well as smoothing the affected area. Laser treatment does not tend to have any side effects with very minimal scarring.

Is laser removal suitable for any birthmark?

The majority of birthmarks can be treated with lasers, however, results can vary from patient to patient. There are some categories of birthmarks that need to be assessed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon before laser treatment can be considered. This will all be discussed during your first consultation.

How does laser birthmark removal work?

Laser light energy is pinpointed on the birthmark area, passing through the top layers of the skin to heat the underlying blood vessels that cause the mark. When the laser hits the red colour of the mark, the light is absorbed and the energy is released as heat. This heat breaks, congeals and cauterises the small vessels under the skin, leaving a lightened colour.

Does laser birthmark removal hurt?

Some patients tend to experience a slight stinging sensation in the skin during the procedure. Aside from this, the treatment is painless and cooling is all that is required to reduce discomfort.

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