Commonly asked questions about Liposuction


Am I a good candidate for liposuction?

Good candidates for liposuction are defined by the individual's realistic expectations, good health and happiness with the results. Although liposuction can provide substantial improvements, these don't tend to be perfect.
Where are the best body areas to be treated by liposuction?

In women, most request treatment to their abdomen, breasts, hips, outer thighs, exterior thighs, inner thighs, knees, arms, buttocks, cheeks and neck. In men, who now comprise of 25% of liposuction patients, requested areas tend to be the chin, neck, abdomen, “love handles” and breasts.
Is liposuction painful?

Like any surgical procedure, there is always an element of pain with liposuction. During the first two to four days, pain is at its highest which is subsidised as much as possible with anaesthesia. However this will decrease steadily, taking 4 weeks to stop being bothersome. The full recovery time for the procedure is 8-12 weeks.

Are the any potential risks from liposuction?

As liposuction is one of the most carried out procedures in the world, the risks are extremely rare. Potential issues that happen with any surgical procedure include infection, excessive bleeding, skin ulcers and nerve damage. These are amplified if more than one procedure is carried out on the same day or within close succession of each other.
 What questions do I need to ask before choosing a liposuction practitioner?

It is the patient's responsibility to make sure that all important questions, such as academic background, surgery results, expectations and aftercare are discussed before proceeding. It may well be that the cheapest procedure is not the most effective with the surgeon doing the treatment quickly or incompletely.

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