Cheek Implants (Cheek Augmentation Surgery)


What are cheek implants?

Cheek implants can be used to make hollow, sunken cheeks look fuller and softer, or to define cheekbones. Most cheek implants are made from silicone or a similar synthetic material, and these are permanent. However, some people may choose to have human tissue used in their cheek augmentation surgery, usually utilising bone from their skull. As this tissue will age, these natural implants are only semi-permanent.

What’s involved in cheek augmentation surgery?

Cheek implants are usually done under a general anaesthetic and the procedure takes under two hours. Usually, incisions are made inside the mouth at the meeting of the upper gum and cheek, but sometimes a surgeon may make an incision under the lower eyelid. A ‘pocket’ is made and then the implant is inserted and fixed in place with stitches or screws. If there are no complications, you can expect to go home the same day.

What are the risks of cheek augmentation surgery?

Besides the risks associated with general anaesthetic, the main risks of cheek implants are infection, displacement of the implant and blood clots or seroma (fluid accumulation) under the skin). These complications may require further surgery to resolve them, and you may be faced with a choice between further surgery and asymmetrical cheeks. There is also a risk of nerve damage, which may be permanent.

Less severe side effects are scarring and problems with wound healing, and you may find it painful and difficult to eat and talk for several weeks afterwards.

How long will it take me to recover after having cheek implants?

The swelling and bruising will last for at least several days and may not subside completely for a few weeks. Often soluble stitches are used, but if you have traditional stitches, they will need removing around 10 days after your surgery. You should be able to return to work after a week or two, but you will have to avoid any strenuous work or exercise for a month.

How much do cheek implants cost?

Prices for cheek implants range from £2400- £5200 for both cheeks, with most patients paying around £4200 for their cheek augmentation surgery.

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