Bum Lifts, Botox and breast augmentations, what should we expect for 2015?


We may only be a month into 2015 but innovative procedures, celebrity stories and must-have treatments are already emerging into the cosmetic world. We followed the stories that filled our tabloids about men and women searching for their perfect bodies. Here are some of our favourite trends of the past year and a few previews for the year ahead.


The most popular invasive treatment:

Internet rankings for Brazilian Bum Lifts still reign the most popular, with statistics soaring another 15% this year. Runners up include Rhinoplasty and mini face lifts.


The most popular non-invasive treatment:

Botox and Brotox rule the non-invasive market, with a 30% rise in women and a 60% increase in men for bookings. Statistics such as these see the number set to double over the next few years. New treatments such as Invisalign and Juvederm have crept up the rankings.


The most popular combination treatments:

With the demand for plastic surgery comes the prospect of having more than one procedure done. Getting a Rhinoplasty alongside a chin implant appears to be the most popular way to alter your profile. For the body changers, a Brazilian Bum Lift combined with a fat transfer into the breasts has soared up the ranks, transforming figures worldwide.


The most popular new additions:

2014 saw two new procedures make their mark on the cosmetic world. Highlighted by many celebrity ageing horrors, the demand for a fix to wrinkly hands was paramount. Juvederm fillers are now a firm favourite for plumping the skin, giving hands a photo-ready texture.

If we're not plumping our hands, we're plumping our chests. Instabreasts have been a huge talk of 2014 with the promise of silicone injections that leave you with the temporary effects of a boob job. Perfect for those wanting to experience life with a larger chest, this hit tabloids over practitioner concerns on side effects. However, this doesn't seem to stop consumer enquiries being at an all time high. (link to our article on vacation breasts)


The most popular prediction for 2015:

What's around the corner for cosmetic procedures? It appears the injection market is leading the way for January, with talks of Voluma revolutionising lip fillers. Even though this is only allowed on cheeks currently, the effects are meant to reflect those of Restylane.

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