Brotox is on the rise!


Contrary to belief, women are not the only ones choosing to have plastic surgery or non-invasive cosmetic procedures. 1 in 10 men are now opting for surgery and these numbers are on the rise.

Botox, which is now more commonly known as Brotox in the male beauty world, has risen by 60% among men since 2000, compared to a 30% rise in women. 390,000 men have had the procedure in the last year alone and this number is set to double over the next few years. We believe there are several reasons why men are opting for the needle to look as young as they feel:

  • If detected early on, Botox is proven to soften the look of crow's feet and laugh lines. Men in their late 20s or early 30s tend to use this as a form of prevention on the signs of ageing.
  • Even though women still outnumber men in the cosmetic world, it appears that there is some sort of domino effect. When their wives or partners come home with great results from procedures, many men desire similar outcomes.
  • In a busy, city environment, Brotox is seen to maintain a competitive edge. Aside from a youthful appearance, men can seem calmer and minimise their stress signals.

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