Botox seen as ‘first step in preserving a youthful look’ say experts


An increasing number of us are seeking Botox in a bid to turn back time on ageing.

That’s according to the latest results of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) Global Survey that reveals Botox — or botulinum toxin — is now the single most popular drug in the field of aesthetics.

In 2015, more than 4.5 million injections were performed worldwide, with women taking the top spot.

From women (and, increasingly, men) this injectable earns the top spot as the most chosen non-surgical procedure.

Botox makes up 38.4% of non-surgical procedures overall.

Women make up the majority with 4,003,837, or 86.5% of those electing the injections, and men claim 623,914, or 13.5%.

The United States takes the top spot with 1,141,595 injections, followed by Brazil with 359,865.

Susumu Takayanagi, President of ISAPS, says: ‘We’re seeing more and more applications of Botox across the world,

‘The fact that an injectable can be used to prevent wrinkles is truly extraordinary, and the public is responding. Not only does this procedure require little to no downtime but the results are immediate.

‘Women and men see Botox as the first step in preserving a youthful look.’

Botox reduces ‘dynamic’ lines and preventing them from forming, people are opting for Botox to literally stop wrinkles in their tracks. This “no guilt” option that temporarily freezes facial muscles is increasingly chosen as a wrinkle releaser. In addition, Botox has FDA approval for treating migraine pain and urinary incontinence, and is gaining approval to treat other bladder-related issues. Because the effects are temporary, people are on regular regimes with their practitioners, helping to boost the numbers.

This collection of information of surgical and non-surgical treatments from 2015 was tabulated from a questionnaire sent to approximately 35,000 plastic surgeons in the ISAPS database. ISAPS is the only organization that collects this type of data on a global scale and the study is viewed as a valuable resource in the field. The International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures Performed in 2015 was compiled, tabulated and analyzed by Industry Insights, Inc, an independent research firm based in Columbus, OH.

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