Botox boosting self esteem


Studies have revealed that more women and men are opting for Botox to get through a bad breakup or even divorce. With 4 million people getting treatment last year, for everything from migraines to bladder control and wrinkle smoothing, it appears 'Breakup Botox' is becoming an increasing method to boost self esteem.

Dr. Gervaise Gerstner, L'Oreal Paris' consulting dermatologist, believes that Botox can provide a reliable “pick-me-up.”

Botox isn't just a procedure that only women are booking themselves in for. New York statistics show that dermal fillers and Botox enquires are made by 15% of men, most of which are newly single. It appears that the motives behind these are different, with women doing it  "for themselves like buying a new pair of expensive shoes.” While, male clients have an older demographic and tend to want to look younger so they can date younger.

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