Boob job size should be based on maths not desire, says new study


Plastic surgeons in the US suggest that the size of a woman’s breasts following surgery should not be the choice of the patient or their surgeon but based in mathematics.

A new study claims the best results with a boob job are those that use current cup measurements to dictate how big the breast can go.

Usually during consultation, aesthetic surgeons and their patients will discuss what size the woman wants and assess before surgery.

However, this new report suggests tissue measurement is the best way to match implant with breast, with clinical guidelines dictating the optimal size the patient can have.

This method, they say, uses ‘clear and narrow boundaries’ with limited to no flexibility.

In the survey – in which they compared the results of this method with those that relied on patient or surgeon preference and those in which the implant was chosen to match a desired result – there were fewer repeat surgeries.

According to the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), women had 91% of all cosmetic procedures in 2015 with breast augmentation topping the list with 9,642 women having undergone surgery – up 12% from 2015.

Matching the Implant to the Breast. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by William P. Adams and Daniel Mckee appears in the November issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
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