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Staplehurst Dental Practice is a private practice that delivers high end cosmetic dentistry as well as general dentistry. Our goal is to give patients healthy teeth and beautiful smiles by delivering only the dentistry they need and want. We work with several dentists to deliver great results in specialities like endodontics (root treatment), implantology and orthodontics.

We provide both aesthetic teeth straightening for adults and comprehensive teeth straightening for children and adults. Our dentists, therapists and hygienists are especially trained to work with nervous children and adults for all aspects of dentistry.

Why is dental care so important to you and the team?

Dental health is an important part of your general health, just like a link has been proven between gum disease and heart disease.

We enjoy improving patients confidence when we give them a new smile.

What is your clinic’s USP?

Gentle dentistry.

Who is in your practice team?

Kelly, Rachael, Gill, Victoria, Dr Louie, Dr Athwal, Dr Shotter, Dr Einfeldt

What is your practice ethos?

To deliver excellent dental care in a comfortable way.

What are your three most popular treatments for a successful makeover?

Teeth straightening

Teeth whitening

Veneers / smile makeovers

As a nervous patient, what can you do to make my dental visit a pleasant one?

Take the time to deliver gentle dentistry. We are trained to deal with nervous patients and will use advanced techniques to even make the numbing comfortable by using pre-anaesthetics like numbing gel and numbing solution heated to body temperature.

Do you have any on-going offers on any particular treatments?

Yes from time to time. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest.

5 top tips for looking after my teeth and gums?

  • Have your teeth checked regularly - most problems start so small that you cannot see or feel them yourself!

  • Most problems can be found in early stages before they cause pain and abscesses.

  • See the hygienist when recommended  - it's healthier and feels better for yourself and those close to you.

  • Do your home work as advised by your dentist and hygienist - your teeth will last longer!

  • Set a good example for your children - you are their role model.

  • A smile can speak more than thousand words - have the smile you deserve.

  • Sum up the team in a sentence?

    We are here to help you get the smile you deserve!
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