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What is your clinic’s USP?
Unlike many aesthetic clinics, we are a small organization and Dr Sister is our only practitioner. This means that every patient benefits from Dr Sister’s experience and no treatments or follow-up appointments are performed by anyone else.

Who is in your practice team?
Dr Sister in the office, with Jemma running our marketing and communications from home.

What is your practice ethos?
Innovation, safety and efficiency.

What are your 5 most popular treatments?
Dracula PRP Therapy, Silhouette thread lifts, botulinum toxin injections, fillers, hormone balancing.

Do you have a patient success story you can share?
We treat all of our patients as individuals and what works for one person will not necessarily be appropriate for another.  At the consultation stage Dr Sister will take a medical history and find out what the patient hopes to achieve from their treatment. He will then create and discuss a bespoke treatment plan with them in order to help achieve their goals.

Do you have any before and after images?
Generally we prefer not use before and after photographs as not all patients respond to treatment in the same way. Dr Sister prefers to discuss with each patient how he feels a treatment would benefit and work for them.

What are the best anti-ageing treatments you offer?
Our in-house speciality has to be Dracula PRP Therapy. Having introduced PRP to the UK many years ago, Dr Sister is a true pioneer of this amazing, natural treatment. PRP is derived from a patient’s own blood, with no toxins or animal products added. It’s impossible to be allergic to your own blood, and the downtime of this treatment is minimal, leaving patients looking refreshed and naturally younger.

I want to chase away the January blues, what do you recommend?
Aesthetic treatments should be chosen for their suitability to an individual patient, not the season. Any treatment plan would be tailored according to a patient’s medical history, their skin, how they are currently ageing, any previous treatments and their own individual requirements.

How old do I need to be to benefit from Botox?
It’s really not about your age, but about your wrinkles and how you use your facial expressions/muscles. Everyone is different, and the ‘right’ time to begin Botulinum toxin with vary from person to person.

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