Am I having Cosmetic Surgery for the right reasons?


Our resident Psychotherapist Norman Wright of The Wright Initiative, suggests some important questions to ask yourself before embarking on the journey of cosmetic surgery.  If its for any of the reasons below he suggests that maybe you think twice:


Career/Job —to get a new job or you feel that by having your procedure it will Influence your career.  That you feel pressured from your job/peers to have a procedure or procedures.


Divorce — if you are having a procedure because you feel it will help you get a new man or to keep the one you have. Some hospital groups are offering “Divorce cosmetic surgery packages”  I advise that you thoroughly research the package on offer prior to paying any money or booking any procedures.

New Partner — your partner is paying and has a huge say in what you are having done

Boyfriend/partner — Your boyfriend/partner is paying for it and is dictating the terms of your procedure, there are conditions attached or that threats are made.

Bad relationships - you are having the procedure to get out of it and get new ones

Body issues — you are never happy with what you see in the mirror. You ask your surgeon for unacceptable implant sizes, you have already had numerous procedures and you still want more. There is a clear incongruence with what you see and what others see. Do you find yourself making comparisons? My advice is that you seek support and that you explore your thoughts and feelings with a professional.

Self Esteem:

You are convinced that by having a procedure it will improve the way you feel about yourself.

You feel that it will make you more desirable, that people will like you and that this procedure “will fix everything”

Snap decision/knee jerk reaction — your friend has had one so you want one!


Emotional abuse from either your partner, work colleagues friends and family.

Physical abuse/bullying/being criticised/judged

Out of spite/revenge/defiance

Your provider has called to offer you a “special deal” and you are to have the procedure NOW!

If you have not asked yourself the questions “why and who am I doing this for”

Buyer’s remorse — You feel obliged to have your procedure because you have paid your deposit but are feeling unsure as well as getting pressure from your surgeon/clinic


You have not researched or educated yourself about:

Surgeon, clinic, products, clinical, aftercare, garments — cheapest option.

Clear pre and post support, protocols, policies & procedures

You have NOT researched your surgeon or checked any of their credentials.

Do NOT go for the cheapest option — it is cheap for a reason!

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