#Adultswithbraces hits an all-time high


Dentists up and down the country are seeing more Brits in the hunt for teeth-straightening cosmetic treatments.

And two thirds of them are under the age of 40, all looking to ditch wonky teeth and overcrowded mouths for a dazzling new smile.

A new survey by The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) found that 75% of dentists are seeing an increase in adult treatment.

Celebrities in braces who share selfies — and their teeth-straightening experience — on social media have driven up demand.

A heightened awareness of how having straight teeth looks great — and is healthy, too — is also us sending more of us to the dentist’s chair in search of a fab smile.

One quarter of dentists are starting more than 50 new adult cases each year, with the poll revealing 66% of patients are 26-40 year olds and 22% are 41-55. More than 10% are 18-25.

More women are looking for teeth straightening, but many men are also opting for treatment.

Orthodontics isn’t simply about straight teeth but can make a difference to your appearance, your bite and your overall health.

To meet the rising demand for adult orthodontics Comparethetreatment.com is for patients to use before they see a clinician. It covers all aspects of orthodontic decision-making: why, how, where and who. Each section has key points or tips which guide the patient towards getting the information they need to make the right choice for them.

Alison Murray, President of the British Orthodontic Society, says: ‘We welcome the growth of interest in orthodontic treatment. Many adults who have undergone orthodontic treatment report higher levels of self-esteem and their quality of life is often significantly improved.’

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