A Whiter Smile, A Perfect Smile


Having a white smile has become important in our society so we all want to have a smile as beautiful and white as possible.

Even if genetics may have made your dental health flawless we all need to follow oral hygiene habits to keep our teeth healthy.

Brushing your teeth after every meal is rule number one ,but not all people do. To avoid plaque build up and reach the sites that brushing can not access, you should use dental floss.

If for some reason you can not brush your teeth after a meal, eat foods like apples or chew sugar-free gum ,to segregate of saliva. This will prevent the accumulation of plaque and formation of tartar.

And what to say about the white smile’s worst enemies? Tobacco is the worst enemy of white teeth since Nicotine yellows and stains your teeth. Coffee, wine or tea can also alter the color of your smile.

As a good advise you should rinse with water after taking these drinks to avoid the pigment staining the enamel.

If, having followed these tips or not, you have lost the whiteness of your smile and want to recover it, there are various dental whitening treatments that your dentist can do such as power bleaching, air polish or even inlays and veneers depending on the degree of de stains.

The important thing is always to be in the hands of professionals, who will explain methods to achieve this and will resolve all the your doubts.

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