A ‘thank you’ for cosmetic surgery… from a patient’s husband!


Plastic surgeons are used to appreciation. For the large majority of us who go under the knife – or even opt for less invasive cosmetic procedures – we are usually delighted with the results.

An Allergan survey recently revealed that an increasing number of us are getting cosmetic enhancements, such as fillers and Botox, to help boost confidence.

There is a whole range of procedures open to us that will ‘beautify’ those so-called flaws that niggle – and, often, it is this that drives us to the cosmetic clinics rather than a desire to look more youthful.

Research also suggests that plastic surgery patients could experience more joy in life, a higher sense of satisfaction and greater self-esteem.

Indeed, consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, Fulvio Urso-Baiarda, is not unused to a little patient appreciation.

As a successful plastic surgeon, committed to safe surgery tailor-made for each and every patient, he has had his fair share of great patient feedback.

But this month, he received (and shared on Twitter) one of his more unusual post-op thank-you letters – from a patient’s husband.

The letter begins: ‘Dear Fulvio I am writing to thank you for the recent breast reduction and abdominoplasty surgery that you have carried out. I can honestly say that you have changed my life more than you can imagine….’

Citing the end of ‘hours spent trying to find the right outfit to wear’ and rejoicing that ‘no longer do I have to ensure hours in shops whilst at least 10-15 dresses are tried on only to find that none of them fitted over the breasts properly’ he signs off, ‘Best regards A very grateful husband’.

The plastic surgeon tweeted: ‘One of the funniest post-op thank you letters I have received #HappyPatientHappySurgeon.’

For those of us who are yet to commit to surgery, we need to ensure we always match the right surgeon to our chosen procedure.

Fulvio Urso-Baiarda warns: ‘Patients often think that someone offering plastic surgery is, by definition, a plastic surgeon, but that is often not the case. Be sure to check your surgeon’s credentials – Google ‘GMC LRMP’ (List of Registered Medical Practitioners) to check whether your surgeon is on a Specialist Register, and for which speciality. Your surgeon should indicate all useful treatment options and justify the one they recommend – it should be because it’s best for you, not just because it's the one they’re most comfortable doing.’

And even before we get this far, we should always ask ourselves these three essential questions:

  • Who are you doing it for?

  • If we are attempting to compete with other women in our social circle or seeking treatment to please others, then we should really think again. Surgery is a huge step and isn’t without risk. The decision to undergo treatment should be yours and your alone, without outside influences.

  • Are there any emotional issues that have influenced the decision?

  • If you are stressed, anxious, depressed or have just come out of a relationship and looking for a ‘pick me up’, then surgery is not the answer. Think about these underlying issues and tackle them psychologically rather than with any physical enhancement. Counselling may be a more worthwhile investment.

  • What are your expectations regarding the results?

  • You will need a thorough consultation with your surgeon before any treatment can take place. He or she will ask about your medical history and will also manage the expectations you have regarding the procedure – physically and psychologically. Surgery may make you happier about a certain area of the body, but it cannot remedy any deeper challenges in your life.
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