7 interesting things you can do to lose weight


1. Ice cold water
You’ll burn an extra 250-to-500 calories a day by drinking 8-10 glasses of ice cold water because:
- Your body has to burn calories (or fat) in order to heat the ice cold water back up to your own body temperature so basically…
- You can lose up to 1 lb. a week simply by drinking ice cold water.

2. Sleep
Sleeping too little causes you to make worse decisions, mostly because you’re tired. You will often eat more, because you are awake more hours. You may skip the gym because you are tired and the list goes on. Getting a solid amount of sleep every night will reset your body, and set you up for a healthy day to come.

3. Green Tea
Studies show you may be able to burn 35-to-43% more fat during the day when you drink 3-to-5 cups of green tea.

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4. Vegetable Juice
Drinking a glass of vegetable juice before your meals may cause you to really eat 135 less calories according to a study!

5. Whey protein
Whey protein can help you release appetite suppressing hormones that curb your cravings.
In a recent study… people drank either whey or casein and 90 minutes after, they were allowed to eat freely at a buffet table. Individuals that drank whey protein ate significantly less calories.

6. Yoghurt Based Smoothies
Not only will the smoothie kill your hunger but Yoghurt is loaded with calcium just like milk.
The calcium in yoghurt helps you burn fat and it also restricts the amount of fat your system can make but…Try to work with the healthier Greek Yoghurt in your smoothies along with adding some whey protein and fruit to enhance your yoghurt smoothies weight loss power!

Side note: Milk is high in calcium and calcium can boost weight loss by boosting fat breakdown in fat cells. This really will not mean you ought to venture out as well as drink gallons of milk everyday — but adding milk to your diet in moderation can double the rate of fat you lose.
Different studies say different things on milk and weight loss… some say you’re able to lose 30, 50, and one study even said 70% more weight than folks who do not include 3-4 servings of dairy (milk) a day.

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7. Coconut water
Coconut Water contains more electrolytes than most fruit juices and energy drinks with no additional sugar & artificial flavourings plus…
Coconut water naturally speeds up so that you can work out longer with more intensity to get rid of weight faster your own metabolism & it gives you more energy.


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