15 minute nose job as seen on E4 Body Fixers


E4 Body Fixers star Dr Esho fixed Vanessa's nose live with just a needle on last week show after breaking her nose not once but twice previously. Since then everyone wants to know more about the 15 minute nose job so we asked the man himself

What is the 15 minute nose job?
This where precise injections of dermal filler are used to Re contour / shape the nose.

Do you need a certain ‘type’ of nose?
Yes. Not everyone will be suitable especially those how are looking to reduce the size of their nose / the tip
In most cases patients will have mild "bumps / humps/ in their nose's or areas indented from trauma.
These are most suitable cases and the filler is used to fill these spaces and re contour the shape of the nose. Each is treated case by case after a detailed consult and assessment

What do think is best to get the best results?
For me, Juvederm volift using a cannula technique is best. the filler is smooth yet resilient and cannula reduces the amount of trauma caused over using a needle

How long to results last approx.?
12 to 18 months based on using juvederm volift

How painful is it?
Pain free when topical anesthetic is used correctly before the procedure and a gentle cannula technique is used

What is the approx. fee?
Starting from £500
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