7 heavenly beauty hacks for a ‘new you’ this New Year


This time of year can leave us all wanting when it comes to skin health.

The cold snap and the ramping up of central heating impacts negatively on our skin.

January is a long month and it is a great time to indulge in a little 'me' time.

So, what are our options? Here, we pose some of your questions to Dr Pradnya Apte, Clinic Director at Skin Southwest.

1. I have facial hair and have no idea what treatment I need – what would you recommend?

Facial hair is a common problem for a lot of women who obviously find being hirsute means they lose their confidence. There are various treatments out there and these include over-the-counter preparation gel and creams. However, these do not address a more permanent solution. 

There are a couple of procedures that can help permanently reduce the hair growth and these include laser hair removal and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for hair reduction. Unfortunately, these solutions are not a 'one fix wonder' and a session of treatments, taken on a regular basis, will address the hirsute concerns. 

The technology behind these treatments only can work on darker hairs as it the light that is absorbed into the hair bulb that causes the hair follicle to die. Light/blonde hairs cannot be treated with laser/IPL and have to be treated with the more traditional electrolysis method, which is time consuming and painful. There are a lot of clinics out there that profess to permanent hair removal and being patient is the key. It is usually found that laser hair removal is more effective that IPL

2. My skin has been dreadful this winter, what is an easy fix with little downtime?
Winter skin is notoriously dry and tight as we tend to move from warmer indoor temperatures to colder outdoors and vice versa. This unfortunately puts a stress on our skin that, after all, is a living, breathing organ and, therefore, needs nurturing.

There are a few things that can be done to improve the condition of our skin and this includes, most importantly, keeping well hydrated and drinking lots of water to try to keep skin supple.

Exfoliation is also a key regime to improving the quality and condition of your skin. There are so many products out there that claim to promote clearer skin but, in my opinion, you need to be careful as a lot of products have exfoliators that are too coarse and actually cause more damage. I prefer Image Skincare Ageless Skin Resurfacing Mask, as it is packed out with glycolic acid and vitamins to ensure smooth and clearer-looking skin.

Having medi-facials is also important as these tend to be more concentrated than ones you get in beauty spas. The ingredients are more concentrated so they reach the live parts of your skin, the dermis for results driven difference to your skin.

3. I have a big birthday coming up this year. What can Silhouette Soft do to create a more youthful appearance?
Silhouette Soft is a revolutionary treatment designed to 'lift' the soft tissues for natural rejuvenation. As the cones in the threads are placed bidirectionally, there is an increased traction that allow the tissues to be pulled in both directions that increases compression of the tissues. The cones break down in time and allow your own collagen to be produced resulting in a refreshed looking and slightly volumized appearance. It creates a natural appearance without looking overdone. This saves the expense and downtime associated with a surgical ‘facelift’.

4. What three facial aesthetic procedures would you recommend  to help rejuvenate a ‘tired’ appearance?
Dermal fillers: These fillers if injected correctly can help rejuvenate the face by adding volume and contour to the face. Seeing someone experienced in this is important if you do not want a ‘pillow face look’.

Ellansé: This is a collagen stimulating filler that is designed to stimulate the body’s own natural collagen production. Results are seen best after 3 months

Botulinum toxin: Again, this is all about artistry and when these injections are done well, it can completely transform a person and make them look less tired and more rejuvenated.

5. When it come to lip treatments, the trend is constantly changing. How do I know what is best for me? How can I be sure of a subtle enhancement?
Lip injections have gained huge popularity over the last few years due to social media and celebrities having their lips treated. The best and safest way to see what suits you is to see some medically qualified and not a beauty therapist who tends to treat all lips the same way and, in my opinion, ‘one look fits all’ in their eyes!

As a dentist, I  feel we are well placed to treat lip augmentation as we understand the anatomy of the lip as well as facial profiles and understand how having your lips treated can completely transform a face. A thorough consultation prior to treatment is the sure – and only – way forward, so you and your practitioner can go through everything in what will suit you, how much volume will you need, etc.

6. What do I need to do to ensure I choose safely?
Comparethetreatment.com showcases only qualified practitioners and their clinics, It is all about researching the best person for you. To ensure a subtle enhancement, discuss your this with your chosen clinician at the consultation stage to make sure your expectations are met.

7. What products do you recommend to nurture glowing, healthy skin?
For glowing skin, I recommend products that contain retinol , vitamin C and glycolic acid , but not all in the same product. These are key ingredients that one needs to bear in mind. There is a plethora of products out there that promise everything but, unfortunately, the products do not do this and can under deliver. Over-the-counter preparations have poor efficacy and only serve the dead layer of the skin – or the epidermis. 

Cosmoceutical skincare means a cosmetic product with pharmaceutical action so the key active ingredients are delivered to the living part of your skin – the dermis –  to produce visible changes to your skin. These products tend to be stocked in aesthetic clinics. In my clinic, we stock Image Skincare and IS Clinical.


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