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Smilelign Clear Braces
  • I have overlapping teeth
  • My teeth are crooked
  • I have wonky teeth

Smilelign Clear Braces is an innovative clear invisible brace system that straightens misaligned and wonky teeth without the use of metal wires or brackets.

Smilelign is a UK-based alternative to metal braces, delivering the smile you have always wanted by a series of removable, virtually-invisible ‘aligners’ that use the same principles of traditional orthodontics (applying pressure to gradually move teeth). Our clear brace system is used throughout the UK by hundreds of dentists that want to help patients straighten their teeth.

Straightening your teeth with Smilelign is simple. After visiting a Smilelign provider, who will check that you are dentally fit to undergo orthodontic treatment, your impressions will be sent to our laboratory in the UK. Here, Smilelign technicians will carefully map your teeth’s journey, allowing you to see what your future smile will look like. Your dentist will show you a 3D animation allowing you to see how your treatment will progress, and be able to tell you how long the treatment should take, and how much it will cost.

The aim of Smilelign is to straighten your teeth, giving you the smile you have always wanted. During treatment, your dentist will monitor your progress and ensure that your clear brace is moving your teeth in the desired way. You will need to visit your dentist regularly. Retention will be needed at the end of treatment to ensure that your teeth do not move out of alignment. Your dentist will speak with you about the various options.

Often people cannot tell that you’re wearing Smilelign clear braces: “No one knew I was even wearing them!”. 

The cost of Smilelign clear braces is set by the dentist but often starts at £999, increasing with complexity. Speak to your closest provider (found below) for more details.

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