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Fixed Braces
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Fixed braces are be used when a number of teeth need to be corrected and when precise dental treatment is needed.

Fixed braces are the most common type of orthodontic appliance. They can be used when a number of teeth need to be corrected, or when the treatment needs to be precise to prevent problems in the future.

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Small precisely designed metal or ceramic buttons called brackets are stuck/bonded to each tooth. Sometimes metal rings called bands are also fitted around the back/molar teeth. The brackets are then connected to each other using a thin metal wire, called an archwire. The wire is held in place with small elastic rings called modules, or with very thin wires called ligatures. Modules come in a variety of colours to customise your brace. The wires are adjusted at regular intervals to straighten the teeth and correct the bite.

The various types of fixed brace can be seen below:

Modern brackets are quite small, and they cover a relatively smaller area of each tooth, making braces more attractive than they used to be. With fixed braces speech is unaffected and the flavour of food can be enjoyed fully. As the appliance cannot be removed, it acts full-time, and so it is very effective.

Fixed braces are usually made out of metal, so will be noticeable on the front of your teeth. Many private orthodontists now offer ceramic or clear plastic braces, although they are usually more expensive. Their use also depends on the particular problem and tooth position.

Adult metal braces can cost between £2,000 — £2,500 when fitted by a private dentist.

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