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Fat Transfer / Fat Injections
  • I have stubborn fat
  • My skin in saggy
  • I have cellulite

Fat transfer or fat injections can be used to add volume to particular areas of the body by removing it from others. Generally, fat is taken from areas that have excess such as the outer thighs & injected into areas such as the hands, breast or face.

Fat transfer or fat injections can be used to add volume to particular areas of the body by removing it from others. It can help to improve the overall shape and rejuvenate the body. Fat is taken from an area of the body, either via micro lipo or VASER liposuction, and then transferred to another area where more volume is desired.

Generally, the fat is taken from areas that have excess fat, for instance the outer thighs, and injected into areas such as the hands, breasts or face. The procedure is safe and produces long-lasting results that look natural.

All fat transfer procedures aim to add volume to areas or augment them. It is commonly used to add fat to the hands, face and depression in the skin as well as being used to augment the breasts and buttocks. In order to be suitable for fat transfer you must have good circulation.

Facial fat transfer: Fat injections can be used on the face to hide skin creases, including laughter lines and crow’s feet, as well as being used to plump the lips and hide acne scars and other indentations. Fat can be removed from your thighs, abdomen and other areas before a plastic surgeon then injects it into your face.

Breast augmentation with fat injections: For a modest increase in breast size fat injections can be used rather than adding implants. However, it will not achieve the desired look if you want a significant increase in breast size, your breasts are already sagging or have poor skin.

Breast implants plus fat injections: If you’ve chosen to have breast implants, fat injections can be used to optimise the shape. The treatment can be used to smooth out irregularities in the breasts and then contour to create the desired shape.

Breast reconstruction with injections: Fat injections can be used to fill breast defects, for example those that may have formed following lumpectomy for breast cancer. If complete breast reconstruction is needed after a mastectomy, fat grafting may also be an option, with treatment being spread over several procedures to create full, natural looking breasts.

Buttock augmentation with fat injections: For individuals that wants a fuller, rounder buttocks fat transfers is a popular option because it doesn’t use implants. Commonly referred to as a Brazilian butt lift, a buttocks augmentation with fat injections can achieve a more curvaceous look and can used with liposuction to create and sculpt the desired look.

Hand rejuvenation with fat injections: Fat injections into the hands can improve the appearance by covering tendons and blood vessels and hiding wrinkled areas.

Fat injections can add fullness to specific areas and after the procedure has been completed you can expect the areas where the fat has been transferred to look fuller, refreshed and softer. The treatment can even improve skin texture.

It can take two weeks for swelling to go down after undergoing a fat transfer procedure and at this point you will be able to see the final results. While some fat cells are lost immediately after the operation, those performing the procedure will typically compensate for this by injecting more than they need to.

The cost of fat transfer procedure is dependent on the number of procedures required but it can range from £2,000 to £4,000.

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