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Lipofirm Plus
  • I have unwanted fat pockets
  • I have cellulite
  • I want firmer skin

Lipofirm Plus is a unique treatment that permanently removes fat cells, whilst tightening and firming the skin. Lipofirm can be used on the thighs, bum, tummy, arms and back.

Lipofirm Plus dramatically reduces cellulite while giving patients substantial inch loss. Results are immediate, with typically between two and four centimetres of loss after every Lipofirm Plus session. After a course of six - eight treatments most patients are able to see dramatic results.

Lipofirm Plus has proven to be extremely popular thanks to its affordability. Much cheaper than liposuction or surgery, it is completely safe and painless, while offering incredible results without the need for diet and exercise – unlike some laser lipo treatments. Lipofirm can be used on the thighs, bum, tummy, arms and back.

Your first session will require you to be measured and images taken of your body. The Cavitation hand piece emitting ultrasound is then massaged over the treatment area in order to disperse the fat cells, before the radio frequency hand piece is applied to the area. This step both tightens and firms the skin, while the heat created helps to get rid of the fat. Once this has been completed, you will be measured to check the results.

Lipofirm Plus provides incredible fat loss and cellulite reducing results.

Lipofirm Plus offers fat loss, skin tightening and cellulite removal all in one treatment. It is medically certified and clinically proven, while being the only machine that uses an ‘adaptive mode’ to automatically adjust throughout the treatment to the type of fat being treated.

The normal cost per treatment is £100.00.

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