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MH Certificate in Oral Hygiene – Qualified 1961 Master of Philosophy in Periodontics 2003 from Leeds University

Joined the WRAF as soon at 17. She trained in the service as a dental nurse and was quickly selected for hygienist training.

Enthusiastic about her work, even after all these years, and endeavors to inspire others with her enthusiasm. Maggie has a fantastic reputation as a clinician and an opinion former in the profession as a whole.

A great believer in continuing education, in 2003 she was awarded a  Master of Philosophy in Periodontics , from Leeds University where she was headhunted as a part- time research hygienist on a number of trials. She has had a number of publications, co-authored periodontal chapters in textbooks and has used her personal research findings to help design a new interdental brush for the treatment and control of interdental periodontal pocketing.

Maggie works with the top periodontal practice in Manchester that she has helped to develop over a period of twenty-five years, where she is the hygienist team leader. Her role besides treatment is advancing the training of many hygienists in the treatment of periodontal diseases. She is constantly in demand as a speaker in many venues and was the first hygienist to speak at Stafford Miller's 'Talking Points' a nationwide roadshow and has recently lectured to Hygienists from the UK to Australia.

Maggie has also been given an award for her long and continued dedication in Dental Hygiene by the British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy.

Special Interest

Advanced Periodontics Therapy

Patient long-term care and motivation

Currently Held Positions

Practicing in Mossley, Lancashire, Manchester, Cheadle in Cheshire and Colchester in Essex Hygienist to Dr Nik Pandya at The Avenue Dental Practice

Distance: 50.84 miles