Will my skin still age after a facelift?


Facial aesthetic surgery turns back the clock but it certainly does not halt time, consultant plastic surgeon and comparethetreatment.com expert, Marc Pacifico, says.

However, a little bit of work goes a long way if you want to maintain that youthful appearance.

Here, he offers some top tips on how best to max out that cosmetic treatment in the long term…

Will a facelift slow down the ageing process?
There is some evidence that a facelift done in a younger person (in their 40s, perhaps) may last longer, although the effects will not be as dramatic as doing it in a 70-year old as there is less sagging tissue. However, there is no evidence to suggest it will slow down the ageing process

In that case, will my face still undergo the ageing process after my facelift?
A facelift turns back the clock, but does not stop the ageing process. So if a 50-year old has a facelift and looks 40, hopefully by the time she is 60 she will look in her early 50s.

So, will this mean another procedure some years down the line?
It is not uncommon to redo a facelift 10-15 years after the first one.

Is there anything I can do to maintain the effect in the meantime?
Botulinum toxins and fillers complement a facelift; they both serve as ideal maintenance procedures after surgery. Nowadays, we recommend maintenance in the form of botulinum toxins (anti-wrinkle injections), regular skin treatments and dermal fillers as appropriate. All of these can delay the requirement for a secondary facelift.

And, if I decide not to have further surgery, will my face then age naturally?
As long as the facelift has been done well, your face should age naturally, with no obvious signs that you have undergone surgery

Does a natural facelift mean natural ageing post-surgery?

And, finally, how best to maintain a ‘harmonious’ look?
Invest in some continued ‘little and often’ non-surgical treatments after your facelift to ensure your skin is in good shape, the wrinkles are suppressed and any volume loss as part of the ageing process is addressed.
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