What Is A Home Impression Kit and How Does It Work?


Work, gym, friends, shopping, cooking, where does all the time go?

Add to that, booking a dentist appointment, travelling to the dentist, sitting in the waiting room, you can see where we’re going with this…. It just takes so much time!

Here at YourSmileDirect, we straighten teeth in average of 20 weeks at 70% less than other options. But wait. There’s a twist. We allow you to do this…

From the comfort of your own home!

Shock and awe.

This can be done by taking impressions of your teeth using our home impression kit. 


It's four simple steps:

Mix and Mould
Make Your Impressions
Clean Your Impressions

Mix and Mold
In the kit you receive eight small pots - four pots of the base and four pots of the catalyst. 

You pop open one of each and roll them together until they're one colour, but you better be quick because the putty will set in 60 seconds. 

Once it's mixed you lay it out on the tray, making sure it's evenly distributed.

Make Your Impressions
Once the putty is in the tray you put the tray in your mouth, press it up with your thumb and then leave it there for 2 minutes. 

Make sure you have a towel nearby because there will be drool. Then put the impressions off to the side and let them set fully for about 10 minutes.

Do it all again. At the end you’ll have two impressions of your upper teeth, and two of your bottom teeth, so we can create a clear image of your smile. 

Clean Your Impressions
Once the impressions are fully set, grab one of the disinfectant tablets, pop it into some water, and let the impressions soak in the solution for three minutes. Then just dry 'em off and post them back to us.


Still not sure you understand? Check out our video illustrating how it all works:

For more information on how the whole process works from start to finish, head on over to www.yoursmiledirect.com.

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