Tooth Whitening Top Tips


When wanting to look your best, we all know that a great smile is a perfect accessory to any outfit. As one of our most noticeable features, it is essential your smile is unforgettable. Here’s a set of tips to help get your teeth pearly white.

General Dental Hygiene:

When trying to achieve that perfect smile, regular trips to the dentist are a must. Whilst you have your teeth cleaned, any problems, whether these be foreseen or already prominent, can be picked up and resolved. Many problems with teeth tend to come from a careless cleaning routine. Brushing twice and day and regular flossing are crucial for a healthy and glistening smile. As most cavities appear between teeth, it is essential to include flossing as part of your daily cleaning routine.

By having clean teeth, you are not only going to have pearly whites, but it has been proven that bacteria below the gum line may cause illnesses such as heart disease, strokes and can effect your  general health.

Combat Teeth Stains:

With age, our teeth enamel becomes thinner and more transparent, making the inner layer (called the dentin) look darker. Teeth tend to absorb colours from liquids, which can cause staining that is difficult to remove. Coffee, red wine and cola are all common culprits, however, these stains can be subsided with a good hygiene routine, whitening toothpaste and regular cleaning at your dentist.

Teeth Bleaching:

A common cosmetic treatment, teeth bleaching can be a quick solution for a perfect smile. With prices ranging from £300 to £1,000 or more, this procedure has the advantage of instant whitening on one visit. Over the counter bleaching kits are also available, however, these do take a week or two to complete.

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