The ULTIMATE Brits’ bad habits list – but some cosmetic treatments can help


Failing to clean your teeth, snoring, grinding your teeth and getting a sugar fix are top of the list when it comes to the bad habits of us Brits.

More than 90% of us admit to having at least one vice, with one in 10 confessing to 10 or more weaknesses.

And, while some may seem innocuous to us, many bad habits can have a negative impact on our health – making us pile on the pounds, creating dental problems and leading to ruined teeth.

Among the top 10 negative effects of a bad habit included weight problems, confidence and self-esteem issues and dental problems.

Astonishingly, seven per cent of those polled confessed their partners had left them due to their bad habits, even though 72% made a conscious effort to break them.

Among the top 50 bad habits, snoring came in at number six, not brushing teeth twice a day at number eight and drinking fizzy drinks at number 27.
Grinding teeth came in at number 37 and right at bottom of the list at number 50 was thumb sucking.

Cosmetic treatments are very often more than about just improving our looks and, with some procedures, there are added health benefit.

Did you know, for instance, that straighter teeth not only look amazing, they can also help you to improve your ability to maintain your dental health?

Think about it, toothbrushing for two minutes twice a day is a whole lot easier if your teeth are in a straight line.

Adult orthodontics offers us many options and we can have our smile fixed with discreet, pain-free and affordable teeth straightening solutions. Take a look at our braces page to compare what’s available to suit your lifestyle needs.

And for all those thumb suckers out there, be aware that your lifelong habit may have created that crooked smile that can also be addressed with orthodontic treatment.

And, if your child is following suit, speak to your dentist as early as possible to find out about the thumb-sucking solutions available and prevent them suffering misaligned teeth at a later date.

Have a partner who snores? Or do you? There could be an underlying problem that a simple dental device may be able to address.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is a serious condition that is usually associated with snoring and sleep disruption. It is estimated that 1.5 million adults in the UK suffer, with a whopping 85% undiagnosed and untreated.

Patients with mouth breathing and teeth grinding (or bruxism, to give it its proper name) can also seek advice from their dentist who may be able to help.

And, when to comes to a sugar-fuelled diet, don’t forget that a dental hygienist is perfectly placed to discuss what can be done to tweak your intake to improve your dental health.

For those who have already ditched a calorific diet and are finding it difficult to shift those last few pounds, there are many fat-busting treatments that can help us in our battle of the bulge.

But be warned, plastic surgeons advise that we should stick to a healthy diet and fitness regime if we are to maintain any fat removal procedure and prolong our lives post treatment!

• The study of 2,000 UK adults was carried out by ColdZyme Mouth Spray
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