The things you can do with Incognito™ braces


There are many options when it comes to braces – from metal train tracks and clear retainers to lingual braces and ceramic braces. At Northenden House Orthodontics, one of our favourite alternatives to metal train tracks is Incognito™ braces, a type of lingual, invisible tooth straightening system that is hidden discreetly on the back of the teeth.

The Incognito™ brace is one of the latest advanced systems in invisible orthodontics and uses gold brackets that are custom-made to fit onto the inside of your teeth. It offers all the benefits of a fixed brace, while being discreet and comfortable – fantastic for those who, for either professional or social reasons, do not want anyone to know they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

By wearing Incognito™ braces, you can do a whole host of things that you might have worried about doing with a traditional, train track alternative:

Get married

On your wedding day, you want to feel relaxed and carefree rather than worrying about your braces and whether you’ve got food caught in them. Unlike traditional metal train tracks, Incognito™ braces allow you the freedom to smile without feeling self-conscious – meaning you can relax at all times rather than worry about your mouth.

Feel confident at awards ceremonies

At award ceremonies, you need the confidence to speak and smile, which you may feel self-conscious to do if you have a traditional brace in place. In steps Incognito™ braces, the perfect tooth straightening system that you don’t even think about.

Feel confident on dates

Most people probably wouldn’t mind if you wear traditional metal braces, but if you’re uncomfortable with it you’ll spend the whole date fretting about your appearance. Incognito™ braces allow you to be yourself without worrying so you can just get on and enjoy the company of the person you’re with.

Be confident at work

At Northenden House Orthodontics, we see many people that want invisible braces for professional reasons. Whether it’s to give them the confidence to talk in important meetings or presentations, or to hide orthodontic treatment from colleagues, Incognito™ braces offer the perfect answer.

Be self-assured at public events

Some people find public speaking events a piece of cake, while others struggle. If you’ve got visible, metal train tracks, you might feel even worse – in which case, lingual braces may be just the ticket.

With Incognito™ braces, treatment can take up to two years, but we find most of our patients notice improvements in just a few months. If you’re ready to straighten your teeth the discreet way, contact us today.

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