The Beginner’s Guide To Straighter Teeth


Metalmouth. Brace face. Jaws. 

Anyone who has had metal braces before has heard some variation on this! The good news is that getting straight teeth doesn’t have to be this way anymore.
The (not so) newest option on the block is ‘Invisible aligners’ and as with most new things, an air of healthy skepticism is never far away. 

In this short post, you’re going to find out what invisible aligners are and how they straighten your teeth, to give you increased confidence and a stunning smile!

What Are Invisible Aligners?

Invisible aligners are customised plastic molds, that you wear in your mouth that will slowly and gently move your teeth into a straighter position over time. This time period is an average of 20 weeks.

Aligners apply constant pressure, hugging your teeth and gently moving them into position.

Monthly Time Commitment

To get started on your teeth straightening journey, you can either visit one of our smile clinics where a registered dentist will take a scan of your mouth or you can order a home impression kit. 

The home impression kit lets you take an impression of your teeth from the comfort of your own living room couch. Say goodbye to costly dental visits and waiting rooms!
Your Smile Direct aligners are available from as low as £38 per month or a single upfront payment of £1,299. The payment options make it easier for those people who can’t afford large upfront dentist fees making smile improvements much more accessible!

While prices do vary, the average cost of conventional braces can reach £5,000.

Make the Best First Impression

Straighter teeth are the ultimate confidence booster, because when you smile the world smiles with you. 

Another great reason to straighten your smile is to boost your dental health. 

Cleaning and flossing your teeth becomes easier, and crooked teeth can cause additional wear on your teeth. Straightened smiles can decrease headaches and generally your teeth and gums will be healthier. 

Stop Waiting and Start Smiling

Check out our smile assessment to see if you're eligible for treatment and get more information  on our website,

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