Smoking is bad for the skin


If you are a smoker you will have bad skin. Look at a smoker and you will notice the dull, sullen look to their skin and exaggerated fine lines and wrinkles. Don’t smoke? Being around smokers will affect your skin too.

There are over 200 harmful chemical substances in every single puff of a cigarette. Some of the most common found are tar, arsenic and carbon monoxide. Together these substances speed up the break down of Vitamin A affecting collagen production and the skin’s ability to regenerate and promote skin health.

Research shows that the smoke coming out of a vehicle’s exhaust and that coming out of a cigarette have a similar chemical composition!

Vitamin C provides potent antioxidant protection, shielding skin from damaging free radicals, we need it! Smokers lose vitamin C from the bloodstream, and vitamin E from tissues in the body. Additionally, the regenerative effect of vitamin C on vitamin E suffers when cigarette smoke is introduced into the body.

QUIT TODAY! You will see the benefits.

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