Pre holiday - good to glow


Lets have your #passporttobeauty at the ready.

Relax muscles for a botox —like effect, or energise skin cells to protect skin from harmful sunrays and environmental damage, to get a summer glow that will last. Book in for a pre-holiday treat!

Join us for a mini consultation. This provides a valuable opportunity for us to address concerns with a tailored treatment. The Collagen Power Facial is the perfect Pre Holiday Treatment.

Let us introduce The Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin Defender — jam packed with potent anti-oxidants. This is recommended one capsule a day, two weeks before your client goes on holiday. Skin Defender is formulated with vitamin E and C, along with Selenium and Zinc which are all anti-oxidants, helping to protect your cells from oxidative stress. Skin Defender shouldn’t replace your sunscreen, but provides nutritional support for skin exposed to light.

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