Personal recommendation is a ‘really good place to start’ when it comes to a boob job


Looking for breast augmentation? Then personal recommendation is a ‘really good place to start’.

That’s according to plastic surgeon Jacqueline Lewis who is joined by expert and psychotherapist Norman Wright in a series of YouTube videos that offers top tips to a safe and successful boob job.

If you are considering surgery, then your starting point is research – by talking to your GP, getting recommendations from friends and by surfing the net, they say.

Jacqueline explains that for anyone starting the process, they should try to research exactly what the treatment is that want and then make an appointment with the surgeon they feel they may be comfortable with.

Norman also suggests giving time to think about the emotional aspects of any procedure we may be considering.

Support of family and friends is key to any breast surgery and she cautions against keeping any cosmetic treatment a secret.

She says: ‘I know a lot of women who come to me don’t even want their family and friends to know that they’re having the operation. But, really, it’s very important on a psychological and emotional level.’

The physical effects of surgery and recovery from the anaesthetic may also require extra care.

Norman adds that it is also important that anyone undergoing the procedure has someone with them during what is a ‘very important procedure’ and to talk it through with family and friends.

And Jacqueline has some key questions we must all ask the plastic surgeon before agreeing to the procedure:
• Is he or she the right person to do the procedure i.e. do they have adequate experience and qualification?
• Can he or she meet your expectations for surgery?
• What are the risks with the procedure? And, should anything go wrong, how will they be remedied?
• What sort of implants will be used?

Nagor and Allergan breast implants both come with lifetime guarantees against manufacturing defects, she notes.

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