‘People who thought they would never get straight teeth are amazed with the results'


‘People who thought they would never get straight teeth are amazed with the results – and without a high financial burden’

Award-winning dentist Tom Sealey from Start-Smiling Dental Clinic on why Cfast ticks the boxes for those of us seeking a new smile

Why should I choose Cfast rather than any other teeth-straightening system?
Cfast is unique to the dental market as it's totally patient focused. Other brands might be cheaper or have different gimmicks, but Cfast and the team behind Cfast are completely focused on the patients and getting the best outcome achievable. The support for the dentists who provide the Cfast braces is also fantastic, meaning that they are always on-hand to help so that both the dentist and the patient get a quality service leading to perfect outcomes every time.

What age range does it suit?
Cfast braces are suitable for all adults, whether they are new to braces, or have had braces in the past and their teeth have become crooked again. I mostly treat young professionals around 25-35 years old, and also the braces are very popular with over 60s. People who thought they would never get straight teeth are amazed with the results we can achieve without the high financial burden of a full veneer smile makeover.

How quickly can results be achieved and what problems does the system address?
Cfast braces focus on the 'social six' teeth; these are your front teeth which show when you smile. By only re-aligning these front teeth, the system can work incredibly fast, in as little as six weeks, to achieve a perfectly straight smile. I personally have never treated a patient were the Cfast treatment has been longer than six-months. We can fix twisted and crowded teeth with the various Cfast systems, and then finish most cases with tooth whitening to make the final improved smile look as perfect as possible.

Why do people choose Cfast?
Most people never thought that they would be able to afford straight teeth, and that the only way for them to achieve this was with a veneer makeover or two or three years of metal braces. Cfast offers an opportunity to them that is both reasonably priced and extremely fast. Once I introduce how Cfast can so quickly and dramatically improve their smile, I find that so many people across all patient demographics are interested in finding out more.

Top 3 reasons for choosing Cfast
1. The main reason people come to see me are that they are getting married, or their daughters are getting married and they want an invisible and pain-free solution to achieve their desired perfect smile – usually in a short time-frame due to their commitments.
2. There are then those people how had braces when they were younger but didn't wear their retainer so their teeth became crooked again. These guys don't want to go through the years of, often painful, brace treatment that they remember before. Cfast offers them the perfect solution – a quick and painless process to achieve perfectly straight teeth again in only a few months.
3. And, finally, there after those who want a different option to veneers, perhaps those people who want to see if there are less invasive and costly options for them than to drill all their teeth to place veneers on to achieve their smile makeover.

What about retention? How often do I need to wear one? Do I need one even if I’m an adult and why?
Retention is the most important part of the whole Cfast process. This is one of the main reasons why many people have to have their teeth re-straightened by me, because they didn't wear their retainers when they were younger. Seeing how important it is to retain the teeth and keep them perfectly aligned, I actually invented a new type of retainer using invisible materials called the SOLID retention system. This means that dentist can place a strong retainer on the back of the teeth, which keeps them perfectly straight, as well as being invisible and perfectly smooth for the patient. Cfast actually liked the system so much that they now exclusively provide this to all their dentists and patients. This means that we can ensure that everybody whose teeth are straightened by Cfast can keep them perfectly straight for many years to come!
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