Myths about wisdom teeth


Wisdom teeth will definitely mean I need braces: Whilst the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines state that impaction may be associated with orthodontic problems later in life. However as wisdom teeth develop in the spongy interior cancellous tissue of bone with no firm support, it is unlikely that they can generate sufficient force to move teeth.1-4

We all have wisdom teeth: This is not true, some people may not have any wisdom teeth due to genetics and other may have some if not all 4 wisdom teeth. These teeth may develop and grow eventually erupting into the mouth, though it is entirely normal in some people for these teeth to be present and never erupt into the mouth at all.

Wisdom teeth must be removed ASAP: Again this is not true, wisdom teeth are only removed in the UK if there is a problem such as repeat infection or recommended by an orthodontist for a specific issue. Wisdom teeth generally grow between ages 17-25 but they do not need removing during this time.

You can always feel if you have wisdom teeth: Actually wisdom teeth, if present cannot always be felt under the gum. In some cases, only an X-ray may reveal their presence and it possible for these teeth to erupt painlessly into the mouth.

There is nothing I can do to help with the pain of wisdom teeth: If infected it is important to see your dentist to clean the area and provide further advice.  Maintaining good oral hygiene in the area wisdom teeth are erupting is vitally important; this is to stop a build up of food and debris.

In addition to brushing, massaging the affected area by biting on the EZ Teether will apply pressure to the area relieving the pain as well as stimulating saliva flow, which can help to wash away food particles and the associated bacteria. Additionally, saliva contains antibodies, which help to fight infection. More information

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