How much? The £8k cost of a midlife crisis


How a cosmetic ‘tweakment’ may be a better option

A mid-life crisis can cost us nearly £8k on average.

That’s according to a new poll that reveals 40% of over-40s in the UK believe they’ve already experienced it – one way or another.

And it’s not just the blokes. With 39% of women confessing to a crisis and 40% of men, it’s seemingly evenly balanced.

As we hit 43, many of us are seeking anti-ageing treatments for the first time, opting for a tattoo, dying our hair or joining a gym to reclaim the aesthetics of yesteryear.

One third of us admit a lack of self confidence has held us back in the past, but plenty of us reckon the effects of a midlife crisis isn’t always bad.

For some, it signifies a time to change something aesthetically they were unhappy about, a life that’s grown staid or they are fed up with being simply stuck in a rut.

According to the study, commissioned by the Association of Accounting Technicians, the average mid-life crisis begins at the age of 43 years, one month and three weeks, and most of those questioned confessed the years between 31 and 40 were the highlight of their lives.

But rather than remove your age from your Facebook profile and start listening to the music of a younger generation, there are a number of cosmetic treatments to consider to hide the effects of those decades – and they really don’t have to have a heavy price tag or demand you go under the knife!

From Botox to cosmetic teeth straightening, orthodontics to fat-busting procedures, there are many options that offer us the chance to look younger.

So-called ‘tweakments’ are a more subtle approach to aesthetic procedures with minimal enhancements, such as non-surgery facelifts, subtle lip rejuvenation and teeth whitening creating enough of a subtle change to boost confidence.

For 2017, experts are also predicting a rise in demand for ‘twighlight tweakments’ referring to walk-in, walk-out procedures performed under sedation or local anaesthetic, with a reduction in downtime and offering more natural results.

If you are seeking affordable treatments that are safe and offer a simple and fast recovery, then take a look at our treatment pages for how best to turn back the hands of time discreetly.

And for those of us still concerned with our ageing skin, we may have wished we were born a few decades later.

Scientists have just discovered that they may be able to restore fatty cells to keep skin smooth and allow scar-free healing, meaning a wealth of new anti-ageing procedures open to us all.

The researchers suggest that their findings have the potential (eventually) to lead to the development of fresh approaches to regenerating adipocytes in wrinkled skin. But, until that happens… We’re not sure we can wait!
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