How long would a habit breaker take to break the habit?


A patient with a habit breaker asks Dr Runa a question:

Hi Dr Runa, I just got braces in my mouth they also put a habit breaker in which is very unpleasant because I can't talk or close my mouth. I was wondering normally how long does the dentist keep this in?

Answer: May I ask are you a child - a habit breaker is normally fitted in a child. Habit breakers are normally kept in for 6-9 months - this allows enough time for the habit to be broken and forgotten. Do check with your dentist how long he/she plans to keep it in. They do feel uncomfortable for the first few days or week but this will pass. I would recommend ma soft diet for the first week. Good luck. The result will be worth it!

Dr Runa Mowla Copley

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