Guide to Lazy Skincare


Dr Sophie Shotter from Illuminate Skin Clinic shares some lazy skincare tips:

lazy skincare

Declutter your bathroom cabinet!

Get rid of the products you are not using, there are just using up space! By clearing these unwanted products out this saves you from reaching for the unwanted and out of date products!

Drink plenty of water

The very easiest thing you can do for a beautiful, glowing, youthful complex, drink plenty of water. By ensuring that your skin is constantly hydrated it can function at its optimum. You won’t need to use any revitalising creams to ensure your skin remains plump.

Get some ZZZZZZZ

Okay, no I lied, this is the easiest thing you can do for your skin and we all enjoy it! Getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night allows your body to revive skin through a process called microcirculation. While your body is resting we repair damage and build necessary cells. This also helps puffy, circle darks.


How many times do we have to say it? It is essential you protect your skin with an SPF DAILY! By not doing this we damage skin cells which results in premature ageing (WRINKES AND SAGGING SKIN URGH!)

Wash your skins away

Remove the days dirt and cleanse before bed time. Yes I know, its been a long day and we just want to jump into bed, but your skin is covered in germs and bacterica that can clog pores. Clogs pores = acne. Enough said.

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