Forget pillow cheeks and exaggerated lips, cosmetic treatment is more subtle than that


Comparethetreatment expert and leading cosmetic dentist Dr Ian Hallam is a specialist in facial aesthetics. With a foot in both camps, he says achieving the perfect look is all about treatments in harmony.

Like many cosmetic practitioners, he has seen a rise in the number of people looking to 'tweak' and enhance their appearances and believes that, put simply, the days of over-treatment are over.

He explains: ‘People do not want to look treated; they just want to look refreshed and good for their age. We no longer give big pillow cheeks and exaggerated lips – those are the results that got aesthetics a bad name.

‘Instead, we now aim for a subtle harmonious rejuvenation with small treatments in quite a few areas of the face – this gives a very natural result, which can enhance natural features.

‘Sometimes people want a little tweak in one or more areas, but I still assess the overall look. Often, small treatments elsewhere give a better result – we don’t just chase lines and wrinkles.’

Dr Hallam believes that the shift in cosmetic procedures – from invasive surgery to non-surgical treatments – is less to do with economy and more a desire for less obvious results.

He explains: ‘Of course, keeping healthy with a nutritious diet is very important for skin health, but there is always something that can be done to improve appearance. The most important consideration is the desire for satisfactory results – if the results meet the client’s expectations, the cost is secondary.’

Silhouette Soft has been dubbed the ‘facelift without surgery’. Non-invasive, its subtle application seeks to address any cosmetic flaws with a less invasive approach, all without a single incision!

Downtime is minimal. Dr Hallam says there is a degree of redness and some slight puckering and tenderness immediately post-treatment but, by the next day, this has usually settled down with any puckering resolved in about a week.

The results continue to improve over the subsequent two to three months and ultimately will last for about 18 months.

As the principal and owner of Meon Face, the award-winning clinician’s passion for enhancing facial beauty is reflected in the patient success stories and testimonials shared on his clinic’s website. Their loyalty and trust in his skills and delight at the outcomes speak volumes.

Dr Hallam says: ‘It is very common for people to seek aesthetic treatments prior to a landmark event. It is often the trigger to want to look their best. We often end up doing fillers and Silhouette Soft thread lifts. It is lovely when they attend clinic after the event and return to show us wedding photos and so on – it is what gives us such pleasure when doing aesthetic treatments. I see our role as a helping hand for people who simply wish to feel good about themselves.’

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