Embarrassed by your gappy smile? All-on-4 is an ideal cosmetic solution


Did you know that 74% of all adults have had a tooth extracted? Teeth have an important role to play in our lives ­– both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Our confidence can be hampered or boosted by our smile and, thankfully, there are many options that cosmetic dentistry offer to remedy gaps in our smile.

Alternatively, for some of us, a missing tooth may not matter much but, as a result, the teeth either side of that gap may move, causing them to fall out of line and become crooked, or the gap may be difficult to clean and cause decay and eventual bone loss.

Dentures are the traditional option. They are removable false teeth and the options are either complete dentures (a full set) that replace all teeth, or partial dentures that replace just one tooth or a few missing teeth.

Alternatively, dental implants are a more modern option. A dental implant is used to support one or more false teeth and is a titanium screw that replaces the root of a tooth when it fails.

Dental implants also restore your ability to talk and eat comfortably.

All-on-4 dental implants is a revolutionary treatment that support a whole set of new teeth to be supported by just four implants.

Here, smile makeover expert Dr Mani Bhardwaj enlightens us about this hugely successful aesthetic dental treatment.

What is the difference between All-on-4 and normal dental implants? 

All-on-4 uses the advantages of biomechanics and implants to support a number of teeth – usually 10-12 to replace a whole arch of teeth.

They are normally placed strategically so that you can have a fixed prosthesis on them. However, sometimes it may be possible to have a removable arch option, too. Normal implants maybe placed to single or multiple units, so if a whole arch is placed using single or bridge units, it needs many implants to it to work. 

What are the advantages?

Advantages are that they are less costly than dental implants, it involve less surgery and possibly faster finish time,

For whom is the treatment best suited?

All-on-4 suits those who may require a whole new set of teeth in the arch, or those who have no teeth or require all of their teeth to be removed. 

Might I need decaying teeth extracted first?

Yes, that maybe required if they are deemed to be un-restorable or compromising the whole arch treatment 

Will I need to wear a partial plate before fitting?

Not always as you be able to have teeth removed and the provisional bridge placed all on the same day.

Will the implants be colour matched?

Yes, they can be and can even be made to a lighter shade, as the unit will replace all of the teeth on that arch.

How much should I expect to pay?

Costs vary but start from around £10k-£12k.

How do I know if I have the right clinician? What questions should I ask before agreeing to treatment? How do I know they have the experience?

Look at testimonials and also ask their experience in thee particular cases. Make sure you go for quality and not always the cheapest priced. 

Are All-on-4 implants more comfortable than a denture?

Most would agree with that as they are fixed and do not cover the palatial tissue.  

What if I have dental fear?

You may wish to ask for sedation treatments to make the surgical procedure easier. 

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