Do you want whiter teeth? Here's what to avoid


Cosmetic teeth whitening is on the rise – so it's no wonder that more people are keen to find out how to keep stains at bay. 

Although opting for teeth whitening treatment from a dentist is a great – and safe – way to achieve a dazzling smile, there are ways to avoid further discolouring your teeth on a day-to-day basis. 

From foods to alcoholic beverages, here are some things to avoid:

  • Tobacco – an obvious one. The nicotine and tar in tobacco can be absorbed by the teeth, adding to discolouration
  • Coffee – this might be a tricky one to cut out entirely. Milk can help to reduce the stains. You should also limit the amount you drink – stick to two cups and no more
  • Tea – like its coffee counterpart, tea is also guilty of staining. The advice is the same as above – milk is your friend
  • Fizzy drinks – this one might be obvious, but it is still worth adding to the list. Full of acids and colouring, your teeth will be a lot better if you avoid these completely. If this is hard, enforce a strict limit
  • Wine (especially red) – nobody likes to be told they should avoid wine. With red, its colours are the problem. However white wine can also cause issues. The acidity significantly weakens your enamel – making you more susceptible to stains. 
  • Fruit Juices – much like wine, it has worryingly high acidity levels 
  • Curry – just think about how this stains your plates, counter tops and even finger nails. The same applies to your teeth.

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