8 celebs whose star quality straight smiles are thanks to Invisalign


When it comes to cosmetic treatments, celebrity choices are a major influence on all of us.

If those in the spotlight look good.when they share the secrets of their success – such as their great smile, for example – it inspires many of us to seek the same procedure.

Adult orthodontics is booming. According to a survey by the British Orthodontic Society, a whopping 75% of high street dentists and orthodontists have seen a rise in the number of us looking to fix a wonky smile.

Smiles open the door to confidence – in our social lives as well as at work. In fact, it is commonly agreed that a smile is the first thing (along with eyes) we notice about each other.

A smile is also widely considered the second most important attractive feature by both men and women – a close runner-up only to personality!

For celebrities under close scrutiny, healthy straight teeth are paramount and it is great to know that the teeth-straightening treatments they choose are affordable and accessible to us all.

Invisalign braces have become the treatment of choice for a large number of famous faces. 

Indeed, the name Invisalign is synonymous with clear aligners and it’s one of the few orthodontic systems asked for by name.  

The clear aligners straighten teeth as effectively as traditional wire and bracket braces, but are as clear on teeth as contact lenses are on eyes, making them ideal for anyone in the spotlight for whom discretion and ease of use are all important.   

The treatment involves a series of clear aligners (which look like a flexible, slim and sophisticated version of a transparent gum shield) that are changed every two weeks to ones of slightly different dimensions, incrementally moving the teeth towards their final desired position little by little without the need for metal stuck to the teeth. 

In addition, as they are easily removable, Invisalign aligners can be taken out for eating, drinking and brushing, making them a life-enhancing choice.

Here are 8 great star-studded smiles that have been created with Invisalign treatment…
1. Khloe Kardashian – A big name when it comes to celebrity watching. She is here, there and everywhere on social media and in our celeb mags and has transformed the way she looks considerably with a number of cosmetic enhancements. She’s also slimmed down a fair bit in the past although is now rumoured to be pregnant. Said to be a perfectionist by her dentist, she opted for the discreet Invisalign aligners that enhanced ‘one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen’, he added.

2. Justin Bieber – Currently enjoying an on-off relationship with Selena Gomez, the baby-faced star rocked Invisalign braces a while back. Whilst he’s enjoyed a rollercoaster of a love life, he’s certainly on track with a straight smile. He enjoyed the discretion of the Invisalign aligners and happily could remove them when necessary – usually to belt out some top tunes, we’re guessing!

3. Katherine Heigl – The actress and fashion model strutted the catwalk and graced our screens with Invisalign as far back as 2007. At the time, she was about to get wed. These days, she’s a little off the Hollywood radar, although she (kind of) featured in episode 300 of the hit TV series, Grey's Anatomy, this week – a show for which she won an Emmy for her role as character Izzie Stevens. The show cast a lookalike in a flashback episode to celebrate its huge long-running success. However, she was recently spotted in Colorado – Samantha Ertel‏ tweeted ‘Look who I ran into in Ft Collins’ – and, judging from the selfie, the Knocked Up actress continues to have a knockout smile!

Thanks to @ErtelSamantha (Samantha Ertel) for this fab pic!


4. Tom Cruise – The Mission: Impossible star had his crooked smile straightened with Invisalign and ceramic brackets. Still one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, the discreet braces made him famous for his dashing smile. However, latest squeeze, Vanessa Kirby – the actress who plays Princess Margaret in the hit Netflix drama The Crown – hasn’t been completely bowled over by his megawatt grin. This week she quashed ‘ludicrous’ rumours that she and Tom Cruise are engaged to marry.

5. Gisele Bunchen – The Brazilian supermodel is famous for her endlessly long legs and reportedly is no stranger to aesthetic procedures – reportedly having had a boob job and an eye lift. But back at school she was taunted for being a ‘buck tooth’ ugly duckling and schoolmates say her twin sister Patricia was the one everybody thought more beautiful. Believed to now be worth £300 million, Gisele is now one of the highest paid supermodels and opted for Invisalign to address problems with tooth movement and misalignment.  


6. Zac Efron – the superstar and all-round fitness freak has been voted one of the sexiest men alive in a recent poll. The former High School Musical star was at one point struggling to cope with fame but, having taken a step away from dating for a while, he’s now embraced the outdoor life with his brother an is running marathons, hiking and mountain climbing – ensuring he stays on track. Meanwhile, his straight smile is also thanks to Invisalign that closed the slight gap between his front teeth.

 7. Eva Longoria – This sex siren opted for Invisalign in her 30s in order to straighten her bottom teeth. Invisalign aren’t the only braces she has sported. The actress, now in her 40s, recently returned from a skiing holiday in Spain with her leg in a brace, but ditched the contraption to appear as sexy as ever at a glamorous gala evening in Mexico and wowed the crowds with her delicious smile.

8. Serena Williams – The tennis powerhouse wore Invisalign braces as a teenager. She’s planning a big wedding in New Orleans following her bachelorette party in New York.



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