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Laser Lipolysis
  • I have pockets of fat
  • I want to get rid of my love handles
  • I want to reduce my fat

Laser Lipolysis is a non-invasive procedure that is designed to remove stubborn pockets of fat. Common treatment areas include ‘saddlebags’, ‘love handles’ and ‘double chins’. It can also be used on the face, body, bum, legs, thighs and back.

More commonly known as ‘laser lipo’ and ‘liposculpture’, it is used to treat a number of areas on the body, but common treatment areas include ‘saddlebags’, ‘love handles’ and ‘double chins’. It can be used on the face, body, bum, legs, thighs and back in order to remove unwanted fat. Laser Lipolysis can reduce a number of areas of fat that are otherwise resistant to diet and exercise, yet offers fewer side effects than traditional procedures, including conventional liposuction. The procedure works by using a laser to effectively melt unwanted fat. The ‘melted’ fat is then either metabolised by the body, or it can be essentially sucked away using ‘aspiration’, which allows for a larger amount of fat to be removed.

Laser Lipolysis generally takes between one and two hours. It requires a minor incision to be made into the skin to allow a thin cannula (a hollow 1mm wide metal tube) to be inserted into the skin before a laser probe is placed through the tube. This laser probe is what melts the fat cells away thanks to pulsing a laser light directly into the fatty tissue. A local anaesthetic will be used on the treatment area to minimise discomfort. Although, as mentioned above, the body can naturally rid itself of the fatty cells, practitioners have been using aspiration to both speed up and improve the results.

The results – some weight loss and tauter skin – will be felt immediately. However it can take a number of weeks for the full results to be seen as the body continues to process and remove the melted fat.

Your practitioner may require you to rest for an hour or so following the treatment. However you should be able to go back to normal the following day, but it is advised to avoid vigorous physical activity for around one or two weeks following this procedure.

Costs for Laser Lipolysis depend on the size of the area/s being treated. However costs generally range from £1,500 – £4,500.

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